NaMaargam Dance Company

NaMaargam Dance Company - independent creative studio for dance has been established by Krithika Subrahmanian.

The company aims to provide an environment for classical dancers and musicians of merit to interact and create original work based on free expression and limitless creativity. The focus is to produce high quality presentations in Pandanallur / Tanjur school of Bharatanatyam. All work is distinctive as a product of significant research, technical content while retaining spontaneity and youthful ideologies in the broad spectrum of Hindu Philosophy.

The Company is wholly owned and operated out of its own studio space at Besant Nagar in Chennai, India's Cultural hub and is equipped with state of the art facilities in sound systems, video projection on par with facilities internationally.

The NaMaargam Dance Company aims at a artistic synergy that enthuses the best of talent in Indian Classical arts spurring them to greater heights in creative process while retaining a sense of camaraderie and pluralism. The belief is to make the classical arts more inclusive and accessible to a wider audience, to work with seriousness but never to take the self too seriously so as to prevent stereotyping.

There is a exclusive program to groom dancers and students are given tutorship by qualified faculty under the guidance of Krithika Subrahmanian. An expert panel of advisors formulate the curriculum for the program which is new age in the approach to imparting an age old tradition.

The NaMaargam Dance Company supports several events and programs in the field of the arts and is active in pursuing performance oppurtunities in mainstream and alternative venues. Collaborative and partnered programs are in the repertoire and the focus is on quality of the offering rather than the quantity.

The very vibrant and design aware approach to all aspects of production work aims at energizing and giving a fresh perspective to the performance values in core areas such as musical composition, choreography, philosophy, scripting and stage craft.

Scripts and content are whetted with top experts in the field and the mentorship of master artists with the youthful energy of the performing team aims at meeting and exceeding international standards in the performing arts.

NaMaargam Dance Company is a significant player in the arena of classical performing arts contributing in every possible way to enhance the audience awareness, understanding and enjoyment of our ancient traditions with that significant modern edge.

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